Angstrom Effect


Minimisation of free surface energy by chemical nanotechnology
Worldwide unique size: 6 Ångstrøm ( 0,6 Nanometers)
Self organising antiadhesion groups on nanoscale surface

Product properties

Suited for metal, glass, ceramic, stone and plastic surfaces
Simple application e.g. by spraying and room temperature or thermal curing
Transparent, good adhesion on the substrate without difficult pre-treatment
Resistant against acids and bases (pH 2-13)
Low free surface energy: < 24 mN/m2
contact angle about 130° (H2O) superhydrophob
outraging anti-fouling effect omn gel-coat for boats


Water pearls off
dirt & algues cannot stick to the surface and can easily be removed
offers very good gliding abilities in water
Easy to clean

Application fields

Food Industry: Convectomates, kitchen equipment, food trays etc.
Tranportation companies
Packaging industry
building / construction protection
solar modules, wind mills