Anti-Bacterial Effects


Longlasting reduction of bacterial and biofilm growth as a result of special developed and activated anti-bacterial nano silver particles, which are bound to the silanes by chemical way. This chemical connection to the surface of the coated media gurantees a very effective and longlasting borderactive desinfecting activity.

The material used is based on activated and special compounded nanosilver, which blocks actively the building of biofilms and reduces highly, in connection with the produced low energy surface, the adhesion of microorganisms to the coated surface


An underrecognised cause of preventable mortality is healthcare-associated infection. Based on a conservative estimate of 10% of the European population that is hospitalised every year and considering that 5% of them suffer a nosocomial infection, this represents 1.75 million hospitalised patients with at least one episode of nosocomial infection. Assuming a  conservative 10%  attributable mortality rate, this equates to 175 000 deaths from these infections every year. These figures do not take into account the enormous cost of treating these infections and the disabilities that they cause, for which reliable estimates are lacking in Europe.

Everyone knows the increasing groth of bacterial biofilm on a ceramic surface after desinfection within 12 hours.

This new bacterial colonialisation can be prevented by using a nanocoating with an active antibacterial feature which releases the antimicrobiotic agents slowly at the reaction place - the surface itself.

On such a special treated surface, no, - or only less bacteria - will be able to settle and thus gives the safety of an anti-bacterial surface - over a long time.

All relevant nanocoatings have been tested and fully certified by nameable laboratories.

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Anti corrosion coatings for air conditioners, soft drink cans.
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