Protection of metal surfaces against fingerprints with a fine nanocomposit coating, which maintains the metal optic
By smart modification substantial improvement of cleaning ability

Product properties

Water-based respectively low-solvent-containing coating fluid for stainless steel, cooper, brass and other metals
not suited for glass
Simple application e.g. by spray or dip coating
Curing either at room temperature or thermal curing between 60°C and 190°C
Very good adhesion
Transparent or slight mat, i.e. the metallic surface character is saved
High abrasion resistance
High chemical stability against acids and alkali (10 % sulfuric acid, 10% soda lye)
Additionally antibacterial (biozide) properties or graffiti protection possible


Fingerprints are optically less noticed and don't leave any traces of oxidation (tarnishing of the metal)
Less cleaning effort: Fingerprints can be removed easily and without residue, e.g. with
a paper cloth

Application fields

Sanitary equipment: Armatures made of steel, soap and paper dispenser, binds, doors
Kitchen and household appliances: kitchen sink, exhaust ventilation, oven blind, refrigerator, mixer, coffee machine,...)
Buildings: Doors, gates, door-handle, elevators, letter-box, entry-phone
Metal cupboards and furniture
Articles for daily use made of stainless steel, cooper, brass or bronze
Keyboard, control panel, e.g. ticket automation or cash dispenser
Medicine engineering and hospital equipment