Easy-to-clean surfaces


Minimisation of free surface energy by chemical nanotechnology
Self organising antiadhesion groups

Product properties

Suited for metal, glass, ceramic, stone and plastic surfaces
Simple application e.g. by spraying and room temperature or thermal curing
Transperent, good adhesion on the substate without difficult pretreatment
Low free surface energy: < 24 mN/m 2 contact angle about 60° against hexadecane
Anti-stick- and easy-to-clean- properties, additionally with corrosion protection (for metals)
Durable, inert surface protection with good mechancal and chemical stability, for plastic materials: scratch and abrasion resistance comparable with mineral glass possible
Additionally antibacterial (bioizide) properties or protection against moss-, fungus and alga growth possible


Durable hydro and oleophobicity, meaning water and organc liquids perl off easily
Anti-stick properties: leading to less staining and easy-cleaning-effect

Application fields

Sanitary equipment: tiles, bath -tubs, shower bath, washbasin, armature made of stainless steel and chromium, shower cabinets, toilet seat, bath room furniture
Building protection, construction industry: Anti-graffiti, facades, windows, doors, gates, distributor box
(Canteen-)kitchen and domestic articles: kitchen utensils, baking oven, pots and frying pans
Industrial beverage and food production: kneader, stirrer, container
Garden, leisure and sport utensils: garden-furniture, lawn-mower, boats, outdoor-lamps
Automobilindustry: head lights, windows, felloe, varnish as well as vehicle
industry in general: construction machines, tractors, military and camping vehicles