Minimisation of free surface energy by chemical nanotechnology
Self organising anti-adhesion groups on nanostructured surface
Easy-to-Clean® surface
Hydrophobic surface
Optional with anti-spot formula ( methylen-blue resistent)

Product properties

Suited for ceramic and stone surfaces
Simple application e.g. by spraying and subsequent thermal treatment
Translucent ceramic, stone)
Good adhesion on the substrate without difficult pretreatment
Low free surfaces energy: <24mN/m²
Contact angle >110 (water), hydrophobic
Self cleaning effect, if the nanostructured low free energy surface is exposed to rain fall


Water nearly pearls off completely
Leaned dirt is rinsed off easily by (rain-)water
Hydrophobing the material, water consumption is reduced up to 90%

Application fields

Tiles, Cotto, Terracotta etc: good Easy-To-Clean (ETC) and Anti-Spot properties
Building protection, construction industry: self-cleaning facades (concrete-, painted surfaces)
Construction industry, concrete, bricks, ...
Car-ports, garages ....
In general: outdoor surfaces, which are exposed to rain (!).
Kitchen: granite working tiles, bathrooms: granite floor tiles…