Dense, glass-like matrix composite
Radiation-induced crosslinking through bonded, unsaturated, organic rest groups

Product properties

Good bonding on plastics, varnished and painted surfaces, wood, stone
High degree of wear resistance e.g. against steel wool, sand
High degree of resistance to climate and UV radiation
Good resistance against staining substances (e.g. coffee, red wine, ink and similar substances), acids
and bases
High degree of resistance to water (salt water, chlorine water)
High abrasion resistance
High chemical stability against acids and alkali (10 % sulphuric acid, 10% soda lye)
Good resistance to changes in temperature


Resistance to wear, water and chemicals through dense, highly inorganic matrix with strong substrate
Weathering stability by means of a glass-like matrix

Application fields

Polymer substrates (constructional elements on view)
Modification agent for composite and bulk production
Mineral surfaces, including wood, paper
Modification of production of printing inks, adhesives and varnish/paint