Nanotechnology - one step further to the 21. century

The protecting shell that high-grades your product

There are various applications for coatings. They protect from corrosion and rubbing off, they also prevent from unexpected attachments on the product or make resistant to extreme temperature. Coatings improve the gliding property as well as the ability to resist from scratching or the surface being rubbed off or make resistant against chemical products.

Sometimes they are essential for a product, sometimes they are only optional. Today more and more products are being coated more and more expensive. Not only to make their jobs more efficiant but also to open up new markets. Markets, where the price-dumping is reduced for the coated product or, in case of a highly recommended innovation, in the absence of any pressure at all – what counts is the innovative solution itself.

Coatings do not only have protective character, they also can be handled as an offensive marketing instrument to increase your market or to open up new markets.

Chemical Nano tecnology

Cleancorp-Nano products mean chemical nano tecnology – and the result of our research with self-organising, ceramic Nanostructures with a size from 10 Nm, forming a seal to the surface.

The coated surface is characterised by a very high ability to reject water, oil or dirt (Easy-to-Clean effect) The sealed surface is highly resistant against acids or cleaning products.

The coating will build an UV-light stable, mechanically very resistant but still breathable transparent surface.

The coated areas are resistant against high-pressure (60 bar) and temperatures up to 450 °C.

Phase 1
Phase 2
Phase 3
restructuring of components
structured particles


* Easy-to-Clean coatings for metals, glass, ceramics, stone, textile and plastics
* Anti-Graffity for stone and mineral surfaces
* Corrosion protection for metals
* Anti-Fingerprint Coatings for metallic surfaces
* Scratch resistant surfaces for plasics and polymeric substrates
* hydro- and oleophobic, breethable coatings for stone and mineral surfaces