Textile Impregnation


Transparent, inorganic-organic matrix composite with hydrophobic end groups in aqueous medium
Chemical nanotechnology
Dense, transparent inorganic-organic matrix composite

Product properties

Dramatic reduction in absorption of water and oil (beading up and rolling off)
High degree of resistance against acids and bases
Simple application e.g. by spraying, dipping etc. and subsequent thermal drying
Good adhesion on the substrate without difficult pretreatment
Reduction of the soiling behaviour of discolouring substances (including soot, coffee and red wine)
The feel of the product is not impaired in any way (haptics)


Fibres are protected by a hard, virtually transparent, thin surface film
Reduction in propensity to soiling through hydrophobisation and oleophobisation of the surfaces
Air and steam can be transported through the dense matrix

Application fields

In general: outdoor textiles, which are exposed to rain.
Table linen
For treating rugs and carpets